AURA INVALIDES Immersive experience

Dôme des Invalides - Duration : lire/read "Point de RDV" ci-dessous/below

AURA INVALIDES is an immersive multimedia experience that lives in the heart of the Dôme des Invalides.

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Come nightfall, the interior of this iconic Parisian monument takes on new life through the magic of lighting, video mapping, and orchestral music. This unified multimedia spectacle showcases the site’s exceptional beauty and heritage.

Over the course of nearly 50 minutes, you are invited on a multisensory tour. Guided by light, you explore the Dôme des Invalides and its six chapels, where you uncover illuminating revelations.

Inspired by the spirit of the site, this captivating, immersive experience radiates a stunning beauty that moves you. Immersive image technology and spatialized sound magnify and enhance existing architectural features, inviting you to rediscover the iconic heritage site.
This innovatively-orchestrated, three-part exploration resonates with individual visitors and sparks a unique moment of collective connection.

Transporting Visitors to the Heart of the Experience
AURA INVALIDES is an immersive, nighttime tour structured by three main movements that evoke the monument’s core elements: creation, memories, and universal elevation.
Each movement provides you time for active exploration to discover the site’s many facets, join in an act of collective contemplation, and tap into the emotions it inspires.

First Movement: Creation
The first movement is a mysterious revelation that evokes the Dome’s construction, the harmony of its proportions, and the ingenuity of its architecture.

Second Movement: Collective Memory
The second movement evokes the monument’s collective memory. By encountering a variety of fragmented stories that encapsulate the richness and permanence of its animated memories, you are instilled with the sensation of traveling through time.

Third Movement: Universal Elevation
The third movement is a unifying celebration of the “here and now”. This visually-stunning, multisensorial moment invites you to let go and immerse yourselves in scenes inspired by the spirit of the site. Elevated by the aura of the Dôme des Invalides, you forge new connections with the monument.

Visitor Reviews

Beau spectacle.
Anonymous visitor  - 30 May 2024
Bonne organisation, du début jusqu’à la fin de la visite. Beau spectacle.
Un spectacle à émerveiller les yeux
Dimitri  - 29 May 2024 Verified reservation
J’ai adoré, moi qui voulait tellement le voir je n’ai vraiment pas été déçu Cela nous permet aussi de découvrir l’histoire des Invalides. Excellent travail
x  - 29 May 2024 Verified reservation
Fanta  - 29 May 2024 Verified reservation
Entre les jeux de lumières et la musique de fond, cette expérience immersive vous transporte l'espace d'un instant !

Useful information

  • Experience recommended for ages 7 and above
  • Sensitive persons should be aware that there are flickering lights and high sound volume during the experience.
  • The experience is ambulatory. There are stairs inside and outside the Dôme des Invalides
  • Please note that there are no toilets available on site.
  • No latecomers will be admitted after the beginning of the session.
  • The show is understandable no matter the language.
Point de RDV : 
  • Entrance only via Place Vauban (near the Ecole Militaire or St François Xavier metro stations).
  • The show lasts about 50 minutes.

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Dôme des Invalides
2 place Vauban - 75007 Paris


M13 Saint-François-Xavier (6mn), M8 Ecole Militaire (8mn)
Bus L92 Vauban, L28 La Tour Maubourg, L69 Varennes
Parking 23 rue de Constantine