Aura Montreal

Created in 2017 to honor Montreal's 375th anniversary, AURA continues to illuminate the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal. Drawing in over 225,000 visitors per year, the experience is a must-see attraction for local and international audiences alike.

AURA Notre-Dame Basilica

The Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal is a masterwork of Neo-Gothic architecture, and a major historical landmark. Under a blue-tinged ceiling, its nave and vault shine in cerulean splendor. The basilica is filled with treasures including an altarpiece, bas-relief sculptures, and stained-glass windows that commemorate the city's founding.


An immersive experience inspired by the site’s history and heritage

AURA immerses visitors in a captivating visual and auditory universe projected against the backdrop of the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal. Dynamic lighting, orchestral music, and Neo-Gothic architecture come together to form a multimedia experience that reveals itself across four acts.

Jonathan St-Onge, General Manager of Signature Experiences at MOMENT FACTORY expresses the challenges of the ambitious undertaking: "Our challenge was in creating a meaningful experience that highlights the incredible artistic, cultural, spiritual, and architectural heritage of the Notre- Dame Basilica, without altering its identity."

Over 125 collaborators participated in the creation of the monumental experience, including over 50 musicians and choir members who lent their talents to AURA’s original orchestral score.


AURA Notre-Dame Basilica is a media sensation that has the world talking

"Visiting and taking in a sacred site has never been as exciting as Moment Factory's immersive and illuminating AURA." - THE CULTURE TRIP

"AURA NOTRE-DAME BASILICA is a captivating, luminous multimedia spectacle (...) a tribute to Gothic Renaissance architecture." - FORBES MAGAZINE

"AURA NOTRE-DAME BASILICA is a 45-minute immersive experience (...) that uses video projection technology to subtly highlight the beauty of the Basilica’s majestic architecture and sacred art." - LONELY PLANET