Behind the scenes of the creation

Produced by CULTIVAL and created by MOMENT FACTORY, the AURA INVALIDES immersive experience is the result of a collective effort by a passionate team specialized in enhancing heritage sites through digital arts.

The multidisciplinary, international MOMENT FACTORY team brings together a multitude of talents: lighting designers, 3D artists, compositors, architects, scenographers, technicians, multimedia directors, creative directors, and illustrators. In close collaboration with the MUSÉE DE L'ARMÉE’s teams, these talents worked together for over a year on the design of a multimedia experience that matches the scale of the Dôme des Invalides.

Deeply inspired by this iconic monument, the team’s objective was to enhance its heritage and architectural beauty without comprising its integrity. All technology and decor were designed in accordance with recommendations of authorities specialized in preventative conservation, in order to merge seamlessly and discreetly within the site.

The AURA INVALIDES experience aims to reveal rather than recount. While the creative team drew narrative inspiration from the diverse history of the site, their primary focus was on creating an immersive world that awakens the imagination. By conjuring a sense of wonder, the intangible and invisible are revealed.

Through the use of 3D mapping technology and other technical innovations, the team designed an immersive experience that highlights the monument’s most significant architectural elements, including colors and intricate details.

CULTIVAL and MOMENT FACTORY aimed to respect the spirit of the monument; a symbol of classical architecture, where every detail contributes to a harmonious whole. By complementing the original creative intentions of architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the team honors the artistic and historical essence of the structure, for visitors to discover and appreciate.