AURA:A Solution for
Promoting Regions and Heritage Sites

Have you considered developing tourism opportunities for your heritage site or territory?

AURA provides an innovative solution for those seeking to enhance the positioning of a site, while maintaining its integrity. The AURA series is an immersive experience that leverages creative talent and adaptable multimedia technology to transform a heritage site, thus showcasing its history and architectural details.


Attract new audiences

A permanent, immersive experience for all audiences, AURA enhances a site’s features and heritage, positioning it as a must-visit destination, guaranteed to attract new visitors.


Showcase landmarks

(Re)discovery - Using lighting techniques and special effects, AURA creates an unforgettable experience inside historical landmarks. The introduction of a new attraction that extends traditional opening hours, audiences are now provided the opportunity (re)discover a site by taking it in from a new perspective.

Making the invisible visible - Lighting, mapping and special effects render it possible to showcase an endless variety of architectural elements, from the largest structures to the tiniest details.


Working together

Cultural operator CULTIVAL (est. 2000 in Paris) and creative multimedia studio MOMENT FACTORY (est. 2001 in Montreal) share a desire to attract audiences to heritage sites through customized solutions. Overseeing everything from development to production to operation, the project team works in collaboration with clients to turn their ideas into a reality.


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