Key project players

Produced by CULTIVAL and created by Moment Factory, the AURA INVALIDES immersive experience is the result of a collective effort by a passionate team. The project was carried out in respect for the monument, its history, and heritage.

Project origins

In 2019, while searching for innovative, sustainable tourism offerings, cultural operator CULTIVAL contacted MOMENT FACTORY, creator of AURA Notre-Dame Basilica. The level of creativity and excellence brought forth by the studio led to a captivating experience that showcased the basilica’s architecture and forged a singular emotional connection. When it came to hosting France’s first AURA, one location stood out from the Parisian skyline: the Dôme des Invalides. In 2021, CULTIVAL officially announced a collaboration with long-time partner MUSÉE DE L'ARMÉE - INVALIDES.
The creation of AURA INVALIDES would now begin in full force.

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CULTIVAL A new kind of visitor experience

Since it was founded in 2000, CULTIVAL has been creating and promoting unusual cultural experiences in exceptional places. The agency provides overall management of site design, launch, bookings, tickets, security, reception, audience development and operational management through its teams on the ground and at base.

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MOMENT FACTORY We do it in Public

Driven by a desire to inspire moments of collective wonder, multimedia studio Moment Factory (est. 2001) uses light and technology to create new forms of experiences that bring people together. Comprised of artists and experts in video projection, lighting, scenography, visual design, sound design, and special effects, the studio shapes unifying experiences worldwide.

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Created in 1905 in the heart of the Hôtel National des Invalides, the MUSÉE DE L’ARMÉE - INVALIDES has an entirely unique collection of over 500,000 items that recount France's history through military exploits. During the year, the museum puts on a range of cultural events and tours allowing visitors to learn about France's history over a single day in iconic settings like the Dôme des Invalides and the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte. The museum is now embarking on a new phase with the significant MINERVE extension and transformation project to be completed by 2030.

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